High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

Broadstripe provides speed, reliability and affordable choices to fit any Internet lifestyle. Whether you are an avid gamer, a telecommuter, an online socialite or emailing with your grandkids, our local team is working hard to ensure the best Internet experience for you.

WiFi Networking is available with all Internet packages – connect all of your computers, laptops and tablets together on one safe and secure network.

ico-computer Surf 30

Ideal for gaming, intense video and music streaming and file heavy telecommuting. With download speeds up to 30Mb. and upload speeds of 4Mb.,  Surf 30 delivers an amazing online experience.

ico-computer Surf 15

Perfect for browsing, photo sharing, social networking and moderate file downloading and sharing. With download speeds up to 15Mb. and upload speeds of 2Mb., Surf 15 offers all the features of the internet at your fingertips.

ico-computer Surf 8

Great for basic web surfing and emailing. With download speeds up to 8Mb. and upload speeds of 1Mb.