General Billing Policies

Unless service is obtained through an arranged commitment, we provide service on a month-to-month basis. The charges for one months’ service, any deposits and/or installation fees and equipment lease fees, are generally payable when service is installed. After that, we bill you each month in advance for service (except pay-per-view and out-of-plan Voice charges). Please take time to review your bill to make sure your name and address are correct. You will generally be billed at the same time each month unless you are disconnected and later reconnect service.

The bill you receive will show the total amount due and the payment due date. You agree to pay us monthly, in full, by the payment due date. If we do not receive payment by the due date stated on the bill, you may be charged an additional administrative late fee.

If there are any billing errors or other requests for credits, you must bring those to our attention within 30 days of the time you received the bill for which you are seeking correction. If service is disconnected because payment was not made by the due date, we may require that your total balance due, a collection fee, a reconnection fee and one month of advance service be paid before service is reconnected.

You may not transfer or assign the service without our consent. You have the right to cancel your service for any reason at any time by giving us notice, unless you have agreed to other terms. We will refund any balance due to you in approximately 45 days of your notice to discontinue service or the return of any Broadstripe equipment you may have.

Do I have to spell out Broadstripe -Anne Arundel Broadband when paying by check?

A check may be made out to Broadstripe, AA Broadband or Anne Arundel Broadband

What are the franchise fee and tax charges on my billing statement?

The Cable Act allows local governments to collect “franchise fees” on the sale of “cable services.” The amount of the franchise fee is set by the local government. Broadstripe collects the franchise fees and gives them to the local government. Local and state taxes vary by geographic area and may differ based on the applicable percentage as well as the service(s) and/or equipment that’s subject to the tax. The FCC fee is a fee imposed by the Federal Communications Commission and is also passed through to the customer on their monthly bill.

What does it mean when my bill statement has been pro-rated?

A pro-rated charge reflects the actual length of time you use Broadstripe services. For example, if you add a service in the middle of your billing cycle you are not responsible for paying the full monthly price. Rather, you are charged based on the number of days you had the service.

What information is on my monthly bill statement?

Your monthly bill provides a listing of current charges, payments and credits. Is also contains special messages to our customers or may include important notices inserted within the statement. Please take time to review your bill and make sure your name, address and other information is correct. Generally, you will be billed at the same time every month unless you are notified otherwise.
Your first statement will include a monthly charge for the upcoming month and it may also include:

  • Your payment due date
  • An address to send any written requests to Broadstripe -Anne Arundel Broadband (your local office address)
  • All prices for services
  • Any applicable franchise fee or tax

Why didn’t my payment show up on my bill?

Sometimes bills are issued before all the payments are processed in our billing system. Your latest bill may have been mailed prior to receipt of your payment  and the credit may not appear on your bill. You may verify any payment by calling customer service or using our automated phone system available when you call your local Broadstripe office.

Does Broadstripe offer any other payment options?

With Broadstripe’s Easy Pay we can automatically charge your Visa, MasterCard or debit card (secured through Visa or MasterCard) on a recurring monthly basis. Please call customer service to setup Easy Pay. You may also make a credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard) over the phone, 24-hours a day, with our automated payment system. Simply call the local office at 410-987-9300 and follow the prompts.