Types of cable modem problems

Most connectivity problems fall under three categories. Troubleshooting methods vary depending upon the type of problem you are experiencing.

  • No Sync – occurs when your cable modem does not detect enough signal from the the network
  • Sync-no-surf – Your connection fails even when your cable modem indicates that you have “activity”.
  • Intermittent Sync – Some sync problems are not constant, with the connection going up and down repeatedly at seemingly random intervals.

If an error occurs, one or more lights turn off, or continue to flash (until the modem automatically resets itself), providing visual clues to detecting problems. Make sure to boot up the cable modem first before turning on your computer!

How do I reboot my modem?

Cable modem diagnostic LED lights

If you are using a cable modem supplied by Broadstripe or you own your own cable modem, the number of status lights will assist you in determining the status of your connection. Depending upon make and model, the names for these status lights may vary, however common status lights are as follows:

  • Power: Light indicates whether the modem is plugged in and turned on.
  • Activity: Light indicates when information is being passed through the modem. Some makes and models will have two separate activity lights, “Upstream” for transmitting from your computer and “Downstream” for receiving from the Internet.
  • Sync: Light indicates whether the cable modem is able to detect and perform an information “handshake” with Broadstripe’s equipment. This light may sometimes be labeled “ready” or “online”. On most cable modems, a red or flashing red sync light indicates that your cable connection is impaired in some way.
  • Ethernet: Light indicates whether your cable modem is able to detect an Ethernet connection to a computer connected to the cable modem connection.

Troubleshooting: No Sync

A No Sync situation may occur from a lack of signal strength, please review the following:

    • Checking your wiring
      • Make sure that your cable modem’s connection is securely attached.
    • Power cycle your cable modem
      • Turn off the power switch on your modem or surge protector, or unplug it, then wait several seconds before powering it back up. Wait 60 to 90 seconds for your cable modem to attempt to re-establish its connection. Make sure to restart your router after modem sync (if applicable) and then computer.
    • Check your cable TV service
      • The cable outlet jack that your cable modem is plugged into usually should have video service when a TV is plugged into it. Connect a TV set into the outlet that your cable modem uses and see if you receive a quality video signal. If you don’t get a video signal or it is of poor quality, there may be a physical problem with your cable TV/cable modem line, Broadstripe may be experiencing a service interruption or you have been placed in a billing or technical disconnect. Call the local Broadstripe office for more information.

Troubleshooting: Sync-no-surf

A Sync-no-surf situation may occur from a problem with the connection to your computer or the computer’s TCP/IP configuration, hence steps to ready the situation should involve:

      • Power cycle your cable modem
        • Turn off the power switch on the cable modem (or unplug it), and your router (if applicable), then wait several seconds before powering the modem back up. Wait 60 to 90 seconds for your modem to attempt to re-establish its connection, then power on the router (if applicable), and then your computer.
      • Check your modem’s activity light
        • After power cycling your modem, keep an eye on your activity light and try opening a web page with your browser. It should flash briefly when your computer makes an HTTP request. This is a good indication that your computer is able to connect through to your modem. If the activity light does not flicker when you try to get online, there may be a problem with your Ethernet card, in which case it may be a good idea to contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance. Make sure your Ethernet connections are securely seated in the modem and computer.
      • Check your Network Settings
        • Make sure that your computer’s TCP/IP Network Settings for DHCP are specified correctly. The settings you should be using are provided when your service is delivered. For details on how to get to your network settings, please see our Installation Support site for appropriate information.

Troubleshooting: Intermittent Sync

An Intermittent Sync situation may occur from outside conditions affecting your connectivity, hence steps to ready the situation should involve:

      • Check for environmental causes
        • A cable modem is a delicate piece of electronic equipment. Electronic interference can affect its ability to function – lamps, microwaves, radio signals, and wireless transmitting equipment have caused many intermittent-sync problems that are easily solved by moving either the modem or the interfering device further away. If you are using a wireless home network, please review the security settings for the device or disable the wireless capabilities to your computers and connect them via Ethernet cable to resolve the issue. Make sure your modem is placed in an open area to prevent over-heating, connected via a surge protector, and away from moisture and excessive heat.
      • Check your wiring
        • Make sure that your cable modem’s connection is securely attached.

What if I have problems connecting?

If the connection is ever lost, Broadstripe recommends powering down your computer and cable modem, then powering up in the following order:

      1. the cable modem
      2. wait 30 seconds to five minutes
      3. router or switch (if applicable)
      4. wait 30 seconds to two minutes
      5. the computer

How to deal with Spam

      • Be sure to turn on the spam filter in your email client. You can also increase or decrease the spam settings as necessary.
      • If you receive spam, do not use the link to remove yourself from their spam lists. This only lets the spammers know that your email address is valid, leading to even more spam.
      • Never reply to any request for personal information received in email; Broadstripe would never request this information through email. Such phishing attempts are created to get your secure information.

Does Broadstripe block content?

Broadstripe does not block any content, applications or service that is lawful or otherwise non- harmful to the network or subscribers. Broadstripe manages bandwidth to provide the best internet experience to all of its users.