How do I use Broadstripe Phone service?

Your Broadstripe Phone service works like any standard phone service, connecting into your existing home telephone wiring and working on your existing home phones. You will hear a dial tone when you pick up your Broadstripe Phone just as you did with your previous provider.

How do I troubleshoot my phone?

Do I have to dial 1 before the number I want to dial?

Your dialing sequence should be the same. Phone numbers that previously required you to dial a 1 at the beginning of the phone number should continue to require a 1. There is no additional charge for nation-wide calling with Broadstripe if you have unlimited long distance on your plan.

How do I make a collect call?

Collect calls will now be facilitated without the assistance of an operator. To initiate a collect call, please dial 877-237-9740 and follow the prompts.

How many phone lines can I get with Broadstripe Home Phone service?

You can have multiple phone lines with Broadstripe Phone. Please call us for more information.

Can I make international calls?

Yes, however for your peace of mind, we set up your service to restrict international calling unless you specifically request it to be allowed. View a list of International Rates (.pdf).

Are there any places I can't call?

You can make calls anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada; however, the following area codes and services are intentionally blocked and not available:

  • Calling to a “900” area code or “pay-per-call” number.
  • Calling a 3-digit service code other than 611 and 411 (911 is allowed).
  • Calling a number collect or receiving a collect call except when you use an 800 provider such as 1-800-Collect or 1-800-CALL-ATT.
  • You can dial 800 provider collect calls but you can’t receive 800 provider calls.

Can I make emergency 911 calls on my Broadstripe Phone?


Can I make Directory Assistance 411 calls on my Broadstripe Phone?

Yes; however, there is a charge for Directory Assistance calls.

Can I dial 0 to reach an Operator on my Broadstripe Phone?

Yes; however, there is a charge for Operator services.

Will my phone service statement come on the same invoice as my cable invoice?

Yes, but the detailed explanation of your cable phone service usage is accessible on the Broadstripe website phone portal.

How do I pay for my Broadstripe Phone service?

The same way you currently pay for your cable services (auto-payment, mail, walk-in, etc.).

What response does a caller hear when I have no service on my Broadstripe Phone because I powered off my modem?

Callers receive a busy signal unless you phone is forwarded to another number or voicemail picks up.

How long does it take for my Broadstripe Phone to become operational when I power on my modem?

You may need to wait up to 5 minutes before your cable phone is operational. If it is not operational after 5 minutes, contact the Customer Service department at 410-987-9300.

Can I keep my same phone number?

Yes you can keep your existing phone number. Customer Service will help you work through the process.

Does Broadstripe Phone support security and / or health alert systems.

In most cases Broadstripe does support these type of systems. Please call us at 410-987-9300 for more information.

How do I check my Broadstripe Voicemail?

From Home: dial *9 or your telephone number

If you have a new voicemail, you will notice a “staggered” dial tone when you pick up the line. This will continue until you have called and checked your voicemail.

Away From Home: dial you telephone number and press * during the greeting

Online: go to
Your Username is your telephone number and your password is your 4-digit PIN