How do I use the features of the digital cable box?

Broadstripe’s Digital Cable service and the digital cable terminal offer a variety of useful and fun features designed to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. For more information on how to use these services, please refer to our subscriber handbook.

How do I program my remote?

How do I use my DVR?

How do I use the features of the TV Guide Interactive?

TV Guide Interactive is the leading interactive guide for digital cable. It’s easy to use features put you in control of your television viewing. For help online go to TV Guide Interactive. Click HERE to download our Quick Tip Brochure or press HELP on your remote.

What is Pay-Per-View and how does it work?

Broadstripe features pay-per-view (PPV) as a standard option for Digital Cable customers. PPV offers the latest hit movies, wrestling events, concerts and adult programming on a pay-per-view basis. Ordering is easy and secure.

Our pay-per-view service offers recent hit movies and major big events with multiple starting times. For access to pay-per-view, a digital set-top converter is required and the on-screen guide provides titles and starting times. Adult programming and special event prices vary.

See what is available on PPV

For help with Pay Per View Services please contact us at 410-987-9300 or 301-497-5400 (for Laurel residents).

What are Digital Music channels?

Digital music is an great added bonus as a Digital Cable subscriber. Dozens of channels are available featuring commercial-free, CD-quality music stations in a variety of categories; including: Modern Country, Lite Classical, 70’s, Smooth Jazz and many more. Plus, the digital cable receiver is designed to connect to your stereo system and television, delivering CD-quality sound that sets the perfect mood for any occasion.

Can I have Digital Cable connected to more than one TV set?

Yes, however, a separate receiver and remote is required for each television you wish to connect. Additional receivers are available for an additional monthly charge; no standard discount is applied to any additional receivers.

Is Digital Cable the same as High Definition TV (HDTV)?

No, HDTV is a specific kind of digital signal format that requires a special television set. In addition, HDTV-ready television sets may require a Broadstripe HDTV decoder box to enable the set to display an HDTV signal. On the other hand, Broadstripe Digital Cable works on the television you already own, so there’s no expensive equipment to buy.

How does Digital Cable compare to satellite service?

Broadstripe Digital Cable is a convenient and affordable alternative to the services offered by satellite TV providers. With Digital Cable, it’s all there for you: all the entertainment, information, pay-per-view and digital music you want – right through the cable service you already have. Broadstripe Digital Cable offers the following advantages over satellite providers:

  • No costly equipment to buy and maintain.
  • Professional installation at a low cost, without any unsightly equipment.
  • Local channels included at no extra cost.
  • No need to purchase expensive equipment in order to watch different programming on separate televisions sets at the same time. Cable-ready television sets can view our Expanded Basic cable service (Satellite Service Tier) without additional equipment or cost.
  • No need to sign a long-term contract.
  • Bad weather has virtually no impact on the quality of your picture or sound.

How can I control what my kids watch on TV?

Broadstripe Digital Cable provides you with complete control over what your family can view. Your control options range from blocking a specific program based on its rating to blocking an entire channel. The following are instructions for activating parental control features with Broadstripe Digital Cable:

To access the parental control menu:

  1. Select MENU on your remote control.
  2. From the column on the far right of the menu, highlight PARENTAL CONTROL and press OK.
  3. Enter a four-digit numerical parental control code. If you have not previously set a parental control code, you will be prompted to do so.
  4. Press EXIT at any time to return to watching television.
  5. Press MENU to return to the onscreen guide.

How to set a Parental Control Code

  1. To set a parental control code, enter a four-digit numeric number from your remote keypad.
  2. To change or clear the current parental control code, enter your current four-digit number.
  3. If you forget your parental control code, please call our repair service line for assistance in resetting the code.